Redlands High School Athletic Hall of Fame Association

Our mission statement:

It is the purpose of the RHS Athletic Hall of Fame to give special recognition to outstanding athletes, coaches, team members and community members, who have made significant contributions to the athletics programs at Redlands High School.

Board Members

Clarence Butler- President
John Thomas- Vice President
Dr. Hank Mercado- Secretary
Al Sanchez- Treasurer

Hall of Fame Committee Members
Sean Comadena
Randy Genung
Sean Haney
Nancy Looy
Ken Morse
Chris Ruhm
Richard Simmons

Hall of Fame Inductees

2018 Inductees
2000 CIF Champions Girl's Water Polo Team
2015 CIF Champions Boy's Tennis Team
Brian Walsh- Class of 2004 Football and Track & Field
Don Smith- Class of 1979 Baseball and Basketball
Kimberly Bruins- Class of 2009 Softball
Larry Dodge- Class of 1957 Community Service

2017 Inductees

Henry Horta- Class of 1963
Camille (Clarendon) Dahnke- Class of 2000
Al Garcia- Class of 1955
Leo Guest- Class of 1956
Michelle Solomon- Class of 2011
1917 Men's Track State of California Champions



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*- previous year inductees

Past Hall of Fame Inductees
Heather Aldama- Class of 1997
Walt Anderson, Head Coach- 1948-1972

Lisa Smith Bean- Class of 1986
Rob (Bob) Best- Class of 1950 Swimming
John Bethke- Class of 1956
Brian Billick- Class of 1972
Dick Bohrnstedt- Class of 1968

Ron Borhrnstedt- Class of 1965 Basketball and Tennis 

Jim Brackens- Class of 1955

Dennis Braga- Class of 1973  Football, and Track & Field
Matt Braga- Class of 1976  Football, and Track & Field
Wayne Braga- Class of 1951  Football, Baseball, and Basketball
Clarence Butler- Class of 1960 Football, Basketball, and Track & Field
John Butler- Class of 1960 Football, Basketball, and Track & Field

Greg Cesario- Class of 1982
Bob Chambers- Coach 1947-1976
Roger Chaney- Class of 1957
Julio Cruz- Class of 1972

*Camille (Clarendon) Dahnke- Class of 2000
Karol Damon- Class of 1988
Chet Dawson- Class of 1979
Brian DeRoo- Class of 1974
Joe DiMaggio Football Coach 19##-’##

Mike Eason- Class of 1992
Butch Edge- Class of 1971
Mark Englebretson- Class of 1967

Larry Fernandez- Class of 1959
Melissa Fernandez- Class of 2000
Dan Finfrock- Class of 1964  Football, Baseball, and Coaching

*Al Garcia- Class of 1955
Randy Genung, Basketball Head Coach- 1977-2010
Samantha "Sami" Grisafe- Class of 2003  Football
*Leo Guest- Class of 1956

Robert Hahn, Athletic Director, Coach and Teacher- 1972-1996
Larry Heim- Class of 1951
*Henry Horta- Class of 1963
Greg Horton- Class of 1969


Jimmie Jemenez- Class of 1960
Pat Johnson- Class of 1994
Payton Jordon, Head Track & Field Coach- 1940-1942 & 1946

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Michele Lyford- Class of 1987 Golf

Dana Lee Mathey- Class of 1974
Pat McNalley- Class of 1971
Hank Mercado- Class of 1964 Football, Basketball, and Community


Lindsey O’Reilly- Class of 1998
Randy Orwig- Class of 1968 Basketball and Baseball

Jim Petty- Class of 1956


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Lou Ramirez- Class of 1962
Redlands Benchwarmers- Est. 1952 to present
RHS Bee Football Team- Class of 1968
Chad Rohair- Class of 1988
Scott Russel- Class of 1971

Art Salvesen- Class of 1971
Al Sanchez- Class of 1951
Bob Scholton, Head Track Cross-Country Coach- 1947-1971
Frank Serrao, Head Football Coach- 1957-1963
Richard “Red” Simmons- Class of 1956  Basketball, Baseball, Coaching and Referee
Keri Michimoto Sippel- Class of 1997
*Michelle Solomon- Class of 2011
Dave Stockton- Class of 1987

Jerry Tarkanian Coach 1959-1960
John Thomas- Class of 1959


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Doug Verdieck- Class of 1966
Randy Verdieck- Class of 1968
Jamie Vessey- Class of 2005 Swimming and Water Polo
Brooke Vessey- Class of 2007 Water Polo and Swimming    

Jim Weatherwax- Class of 1960
Ralph “Buck” Weaver, Head Football Coach- 1949-1956
Vicki West- Class of 2000
William Wilson- Class of 1990
Dan Wolthers- Class of 1961
Paul Womack, Head Football Coach- 1964-1983
Willard Wright- Class of 1950




1950 CIF Champion Boys Swim Team
1952 CBL Champion Football Team
1961 CIF Champion Football Team
1995 CIF Champion Girls Volleyball Team
2004 CIF Champion Boys Tennis Team
*1917 California State Champions Men's Track

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*- previous year inductees
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